Patient Information

Patient Information

Information on common shoulder & elbow disorders and procedures.

Diagnose your Shoulder

This is an interactive guide to help you find relevant patient information for your shoulder problem.

It is meant as a general guide to information only and does not propose to be accurate or a replacement for a full medical examination. Read more

Your Shoulder Surgery

Once your surgeon has discussed surgery with you and you have agreed the procedure, you may want to run through this checklist. If you are comfortable and confident with the surgeon and the benefits and risks of the surgery you can arrange a date for the operation. Read More

Patient Experiences

This is a collection of patient’s experiences of their shoulder and elbow problems in their own words.

Many thanks to the generous people who have contributed.   

As medical experts we are often trying to explain the condition or injury that a patient has and the treatment. It is often difficult to do, time is often short and we often have not experienced the pain and anxiety they are feeling ourselves. So patients ask friends or colleagues who have undergone the same procedures.

We have therefore asked some of our patients to provide a brief summary of their experiences for others undergoing similar treatment. I have asked them to write what they would have liked to have known prior to their treatment and what they think others with the same condition should know.

If you would like to add your own experiences, please send it via the Contact Us  (your name does not need to be included).

If you have any queries Please Feel Free To Contact Us

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