Shoulder Arthroscopy

Best Shoulder Arthroscopy Treatment In Madinaguda, Hyderabad

The shoulder joint is prone to injury since it is very mobile. Frequent overhead movements and sudden trauma can damage the tissues inside the shoulder. This can cause pain, tenderness, weakness, instability, and limitation of movement in the shoulder joint. Although symptoms, physical examination, and different types of X-rays and related studies can tell us a great deal about the nature of the problem, we often need to use shoulder arthroscopy to determine more precisely what is wrong.

The types of disorders that can be diagnosed with arthroscopy include tears, swelling, abnormal formations, detachments, loose fragments (loose bodies), and arthritis. However, arthroscopy can not diagnose all conditions, therefore, after a proper examination, we will be able to determine if arthroscopy is right for you.

Surgical Animation:
Arthroscopic surgery has  the following advantages over open surgery, since smaller incisions are made and there is less dissection to surrounding structures.
1. Recovery is usually quicker after arthroscopic surgery
2. Post-operative pain is usually less.
3. The operations can be done as a Day case
4. There may be less complications of surgery

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