All You Need To Know About Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy PT.This is not in reference to the physical training or the sports class we used to look forward to in school. This is a more advanced method of achieving the strength and flexibility of the body when it has already been injured or gone through an extensive surgery.

Do You Have Weak Bones? It Could Be Osteoporosis.

Weak Bones Right from cracking your knuckles to waving at someone, from chewing food to lifting things, and all the basic things that you do involuntarily, your bones are always with you. Aren’t they? In every action that the human body does, the bones act as the support. So, when this support goes weak there’s […]

Common Orthopedic Problems In Children You Must Know

Common Orthopedic Having a child is an amazing and life changing experience for every parent. Every child has his or her unique personality and watching them grow is one of the most fulfilling and satisfying experience for any parent. However, along with the happiness also comes worries. You have to spend so many sleepless nights […]

Tips To Keep Your Knees Healthy And Strong

Knees Healthy & Strong Knees are the largest joints of your body. Ironically, it also the joint which starts wearing out the first. But it’s not very odd if you think about it – your knees carry almost all of our body weight when you are walking, or standing, or running, or jumping, or basically, […]

What is Tennis Elbow ?

Tennis Elbow How many of you reading this article, are tennis players? Or are you just curious to know if the name relates to the game in reality? Well, If you’re assuming that you have a tennis elbow because you play tennis, you’re wrong. A tennis elbow can affect as many non-tennis players as, those […]


Osteoporosis Osteoporosis is a disorder in bones. Bone is a living tissue that is in a constant state of regeneration. The body removes old bone (called bone resorption) and replaces it with new bone (bone formation). Till the late 20’s the formation will be more and then the bone resorption will slowly increase than bone […]