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The doctor listens to the problem patiently and suggests only what is essential - no unnecessary medicines .the diagnosis is good with such a strong experience in the field .the doctor is very polite and humble.I strongly recommend this clinic.

M. Prasad Kumar

I was suffering from golfers elbow for 4 years, not got better with 4 years , with multiple times local injections with no much releif,Dr chakradhar Reddy did golfers elbow release and made me better , pain free, i sincerely thank Dr chakradhar Reddy sir to make me betterMy 4 years problem is completely solved.

T. Pooja

Great Hospital. Excellent doctors and staff. The doctor answering our questions and fears with very patience and took good care of me. Hospital is very clean. I suggest you go there if you have concerned problem.

S. Deepika

I have taken my uncle to this place for knee surgery. He is very much in a great condition now. The doctor Dr. Chakradhar sir is very great with us and also very much experienced.

P. Ameer Deep

Dr chakradhar Reddy is a great ortho surgeon, not money minded at all, treated my mom shoulder fracture without surgery, now she is perfectly alright, though most of my other opinions of doctors adviced surgery,Great human values and easily approachable.

S. Rohit

DrChakri is a wonderful doctor eho treatef my thumb fractute with simple way one yeat ago.Now it is perfectly alright.He is the one who normally wont suggest surgery unless it is needed.Previously I eas advised surgery by others.Now I am alright without surgery.Thank you once again Doctor.

S. Kavya

Excellent doctor who practice Hipocratic medicine of " bring no harm" to your patients.My mother in law was advised to have urgent operation for hairline fracture by other hospital but Dr Chakradhar treated conservatively with good results.

K. Murali

Dr.Chakri is a skilled orthopedic surgeon. We have been for my grandmother’s knee surgery to him.We are really happy for the successful operation. But recently he treated my in laws who are senior citizens for some serious issues like knee pain .They were very impressed with his patience in explaining things. I think this the best choice !

D. Sheethal

I went through ACL surgery under Dr. Chakradhar sir. He has in-depth understanding of the problem and I recovered very quickly.Thanks a lot for your patience and how you treat the patients.

R. Prashanth Reddy

My Mother Suffer from Knee pain last 20 year and we are so worried about her then I got Dr. Chakradhar reddy Number from Google after examine dr suggest us for knee replacement in both knees. After replacement my mother start walking within 15 days without any one help. As Patient party I want to share my experiences with doctor and his Assistant.

U. kishore

Dr.Chakri is a skilled and a knowledgeable orthopedic surgeon. We have been going to him for my sons sport injuries for many years now. We really like the way he reassures the parents and develops a good rapport with kids. But recently he treated my in laws who are senior citizens for some serious issues like spinal surgery etc.

G. Kavitha Reddy
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